Our founding squad is stacked with gaming gurus, blockchain developers and NFT community champions.

Andrew | Business Architect

Andrew, the Business Architect, brings over a decade of gaming industry experience to the table, starting as a lead programmer at a massive gaming company and later founding two mobile gaming biz, one that got snatched up by LINE and the other by Tencent. He's now a go-to advisor for some of the biggest names in gaming.

James | Blockchain Degen

James, the Blockchain Degen, is the mastermind behind Astro Space's product design and blockchain engineering. He was an early Ethereum ICO supporter and one of the first Jewel miners of DeFi Kingdom on Harmony.

Whitedog | Gaming Fanatic

Whitedog, the Gaming Fanatic, heads up gaming at Astro Space, with over a decade of experience as a lead programmer in web and mobile games. He's a sought-after advisor for some of the biggest names in gaming and, in his free time, creates beats for top hip-hop artists

Khan de' Medici | Growth Junkie |

Khan de' Medici, the Growth Junkie, leads the charge on growth at Astro Space. He was an early member of the team that developed the world's first mobile messenger gaming platform now raking in over $100M in yearly revenue. Khan also worked as a blockchain lawyer helping clients like Coinbase, CasperLabs and ABBC Coin.

Mazic Eden | Community Surfer |

Mazic Eden, the Community Surfer, is the ambassador for all things community at Astro Space. He's a founding member of an international social media branch and a former Head of Product at a Softbank portfolio company and NLP engineer at a big tech.

Orange | Technology Overlord

Orange, the Technology Overlord, handles backend and blockchain development, bringing expertise from his early days at a global messaging platform and a wireless technology infrastructure platform.

JM | Rust Master

JM, the Rust Master, is the ultimate blockchain dev, with a PhD in Computer Science and serves as a Computer Science Adjunct Professor. He was a founding member of a mobile advertising company and recently sold his startup to a leading software company

Jane | Marketing Wiz |

Jane, the Marketing Wiz, leads the marketing effort, bringing 8 years of advertising platform experience and a passion for collaborating with crypto gamers and NFT enthusiasts in the community.

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