Wallet vs. Game Account


Your Wallet is a mobile wallet that can hold different types of tokens on the Solana blockchain.

Game Account

Your Game Account, on the other hand, is essentially your asset balance that is stored on the game server. This balance will show the assets you transferred from your Wallet and the assets you earned from gameplay.

Why do you distinguish Wallet from Game Account?

We distinguish Wallet from Game Account because they serve different purposes. Think about your favorite mobile game - your game information is stored on the game server and is constantly updated.

Now imagine when you mint a non-fungible token (NFT) on Magic Eden. When you mint a NFT on Magic Eden, you need to sign the transaction to verify that it's valid. This information is then propagated to all Solana validators so that the transaction can be approved on the Solana blockchain.

We broke out Wallet from Game Account because recording every gameplay result on the blockchain would be a nightmare and would harm user experience. So, we record only what players deem important on the Solana blockchain when players wish, while still providing a seamless user experience.

When you interact with your Game Account, it's like you're just playing a game. Only when you want to buy or sell your game characters or exchange your assets into a different asset or send your game assets to an outside wallet, you will need to transfer these assets from Game Account to your Wallet.

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