$DMT: Governance Token

$DMT Supply

Dream Matter Token ($DMT) is the governance token of Astro Space. DMT is minted at the Token Generation Event (TGE), with a total of 500,000,000 minted on the mobile app launch date.

Where To Get

We are in talks with the Orca team to create 2 liquidity pools (LP pools) for $DMT: (a) $DMT paired with $SOL and (b) $DMT paired with $USDC. Once these new trading pairs are available, we will share the links to the decentralized exchange (DEX) with you here.

Distribution and Vesting

[1] Ecosystem / Treasury

Managing funds and making decisions for a crypto project can be a contentious issue, and it becomes even more complicated when you add game management into the mix.

To handle this issue, AstroSpace has a governance plan that is similar to a startup. At the beginning, the founders will make important decisions. Then, we will bring in investors, supporters, key partners, and high-ranking players of AstroSpace to ensure that there is a balance between the team and outside experts. As we grow and become a hub for Solana NFT holders, we will gradually turn over governance to the DMTDAO council. We are always open to suggestions and will listen to your feedback on Discord.

Regarding the distribution of the $DMT token, a small portion of the Ecosystem fund will be used for Orca LPs and LPs in other DEXs initially. Once our conversations with centralized exchanges are complete, we will allocate a portion of the Ecosystem fund to these exchanges for listing fees, which we will share on Discord. The remaining portion of the Ecosystem fund will be locked until further notice.

[2] Farm-To-Steal Rewards

In the next few days, we will announce the criteria used to evaluate the scores of each player in each season. The criteria will include factors such as:

  • When each player joined Astro Space;

  • How many seasons each player has participated in;

  • How many tokens each player stole from other players; and

  • How many wins each player earned (or how many consecutive wins they achieved)

We are also discussing how long each season should last. We want to make sure that players are motivated to compete in player versus player (PVP) missions, but we don't want the season to be so long that players give up early on. We are working to strike a balance so that each season is challenging, exciting, and fun for everyone involved.

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