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About AstroSpace

  1. What is the game about? The game is called AstroSpace, and it's a cute and casual game where players collect and battle robots called Astrobots. The game has a limited energy 24/day as a default function to prevent players from playing too much.

Getting Started

  1. How do I connect my wallet to the app? You don't need to connect your wallet directly to the app. Instead, send your NFT to your in-game wallet.

  2. How do I reveal my Astrobots? Download the Astro Space app, send your NFT into your in-game wallet, then transfer it to your inventory where you can reveal it. (You can easily find more detailed instructions with our text guide and YouTube tutorial we have provided.)

Game Features


  1. What are the rarities of the Astrobots? The rarities are common, uncommon, rare, legendary, and mythic.

  2. What are the color codes for common, uncommon, rare, legendary, and mythic bots? Common bots have a green color code, blue for uncommon , purple for rare, red for legendary, gold or glowing effects for mythic.

  3. What is the difference between Gen 0 and Gen 1 bots? Gen 0 bots are the first generation of Astrobots that were minted on the Solana blockchain. They have a limited number and are considered more valuable. Gen 1 bots are the second generation of Astrobots that were minted, and they have a higher supply than Gen 0 bots.

  4. How can I quickly decrease the dates of ROI? The team is working on drafting documents on Astrobot parts and stats to help in calculating investments.


  1. How do I replenish energy? Energy refills at UTC 00:00. In the future, there may be ways to replenish energy without waiting.

Repair & Durability

  1. How do I repair durability? You can repair your Astrobots using DMT, which you can buy with USDC. Durability is for selling back on the secondary market, while energy is for continuing to play the game.

  2. Can orbs be transferred out and sold after revealing them in the app? Yes, orbs can be transferred out of the app and sold in exchanges such as MagicEden or Tensor.

Dismantling and Refining

  1. What does dismantling do? Dismantling your trainees or astrobots gains you experience points and game currency. Experience points will gain importance later when the steal mode is activated.

  2. How can one earn DMT to level? DMT can be bought with USDC, which can be deposited into your game wallet. Alternatively, players can sell their AST into USDC and then buy DMT with the USDC.

  3. What is the breakdown per level of the Refinery? The Refinery level is determined by the number of Astrobots a player has.

  4. What does Luck stat do? Luck adds a touch of unpredictability to the game, determining how often Astrobots will deliver critical damage and how well they can refine Astro Gem. Higher Luck should translate into better refining. Other stats will be for battling, such as attack, defense, and crit.

  5. Is it mandatory to reveal orbs in the app, or will the reveal be seen outside the app? Reveal of orbs can be done within the app. Detailed instructions can be found in the announcements section of the app.

  6. How do I refine AST? Refining takes 24 hours, and the total AST received equals the total refine energy of Astrobots placed in the refinery.

  7. Which Astrobots have high refinement? Refinement stats are random and depend on the Astrobot's "head." The best ones have 900 refinement. Keep in mind that slight color changes can make a difference, so be careful when sniping common/uncommon Astrobots.

  8. How does Astrobot refinement work? Astrobot refinement is tied to the total refine energy on each bot added together. Refine energy goes down with each refinement and replenishes over time. Luck also plays a factor in refinement, with 10 luck equaling 1 refine and 900 luck equaling 90 refines.

Market and Trading:

  1. How do I check the current AST to USDC conversion rate? You can check the conversion rate in the game. However, the rate may change, and it's ultimately determined by the market.

  2. Can I sell my Astrobots? Yes, you can sell your Astrobots after repairing them with DMT and making sure they have full energy.

  3. How do I list my Astrobots on the marketplace? You can list your Astrobots on the marketplace, but make sure they have full energy and full durability.

  4. Can Astrobots be sold on MagicEden or Tensor? Yes, Astrobots can be sold on both MagicEden and Tensor. To do so, transfer them to your phantom wallet from your game account.

  5. What is the difference between Galaxy Orbs and Astrobots? Galaxy orbs reveal into Astrobots, and some Astrobots are from the OG collection and have different stats.

  6. How can I obtain DMT? Trade USDC to DMT or AST to USDC to DMT in the in-app DEX.

  7. When will the in-app market go live? Expected to go live before or around the time of the battle feature, targeted for late April or early May.

  8. Are the governance and utility tokens available on DEX or is their value capped at a USDC threshold? Yes, they are available on Orca, the in-app DEX. You can trade DMT-USDC and AST-USDC.

  9. How can I check the stats of the Astrobots before buying from Magic Eden or Tensor Currently, you can only see the rarity and traits of the Astrobots.

Wallet and Security:

  1. How do I back up my wallet seed phrase? Please follow the in-app instructions or reach out to the Astro Space team for assistance.

  2. Can I save my key phrase to iCloud or Google Drive? This feature is not currently available, but the team has noted the suggestion and may include it in a future update.

  3. Is there a plan to implement royalties? The current focus is on the mobile gaming experience, but the team is open to feedback and ongoing review regarding royalties.

Future Updates and Plans:

  1. Are there any benefits to the OG collection? Currently, there is no differentiation between GalaxyOrb and OG holders. However, this may change after the initial phase of the game.

  2. When will PvP be available? PvP is expected to be available in 2-3 weeks. (the end of April or early May)

  3. What is the GalaxyList role and how can I access the holder lounge? The GalaxyList role is a manually added holder role for now. Matrica only detects NFTs in your connected wallet, so they are developing a separate tool for verification. You can access the holder lounge if you have the GalaxyList role.

  4. Are there plans to waive the durability requirement for beginners? Yes, the Astro Space team plans to roll out this feature in one of the next few updates.

  5. Will the game be available on a website? The focus is on mobile, with a website as a backup in case of app issues.

  6. Is there a possibility of collaborating with DAOs to add them to the game? The Astro Space team is in talks with some DAOs and open to collaboration.

  7. Will there be PvP in the game? The developers are planning to add PvP to the game and are working on implementing it. The hope is to make it an exciting and competitive feature of the game.

  8. When will the in-game marketplace and PvP be added? The developers plan to add the in-game marketplace and PvP to the game around the end of April or early May.

  9. How can players find active players in the game? A: There is no official way to find active players in the game yet. However, the developers may consider adding features to help players connect with each other in the future.

Earning Opportunities:

  1. How do I earn passive income in Astro Space? You can earn passive income by playing the game and refining your Astrobots. You can also repair and sell them on the market.

  2. Do I need to send SOL for gameplay? No, you don't need to send SOL for gameplay as of now.

  3. How can players get campaign energy? Campaign energy resets every 24 hours at 0:00 UTC.

  4. How will AST prices be kept stable and long-term play encouraged? The team plans to buy back AST from in-app purchases and create competition through leaderboards.


  1. How do I get the holder role? You can ask the team in the chat and they will manually grant it to you.

  2. How do I verify as a holder if my Astro NFTs are in my game app wallet? You can ask the team to grant you a holder role in the chat. They are currently working on automating this process.

  3. How can players get free stuff at cool events? The developers may choose to give out free items at events as a marketing stunt to promote the game. (future plan)

  4. Can players suggest ideas for the game? Yes, players can suggest ideas for the game by sharing them in the #suggestions channel.

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